4 Things You Ought to Know About Tipping in Gentlemen Clubs

Have you ever had any idea about tipping in the gentlemen clubs Brisbane has these days? Who are the people you are tipping? When should you tip and how much? These are just a few of the many questions that most newcomers ask whenever they go into the city’s hottest night spots.

The most club employees generally earn a living through tips. Hence, tipping is very important. Even if you only go to one for entertainment, the bartenders, waiters, and other staff are also important. All of these people, including of course the strippers, are crucial to a fantastic nightclub experience.

So how should you tip? To help you remember, the following points will show you the things you ought to know about tipping.

How much should one tip strip dancers?

When it comes to tipping, you have to consider a couple of factors including your position in the bar and the kind of entertainment you want.

For starters, if you are standing right at the dancer’s stage, you can tip between $3AUD and $5AUD. But if you are standing by the rails, a $1AUD tip per song will suffice. Besides, not giving a tip even if you are by the rails will not make a good impression. Penny-pinching in a strip club is highly discouraged. So you better tip or somebody else will take your place.

Now if you want the company of dancers, make sure that you are willing to give big. A tip of about $10AUD to $20AUD in single will be highly appreciated. When you do this, you will surely become popular with the girls especially during crowded nights.

What about lap dancers?

The gentlemen clubs in Brisbane may have differences when it comes to tipping lap dancers. But the general rule is to tip the girls after the private dance regardless of whether you are having one or more dancers. Just keep count of the women you are tipping particularly when you are out drinking. There is a chance that you might overspend.

Nonetheless, all major strip clubs in Brisbane charge $20AUD for a lap dance. That is only for the whole duration of a song. So, do not expect to get an hour of sexy dancing. Do know that tips are different from the fee charged for the private dance. So, make sure that you give the lovely lady an extra for a job well done.

How should one tip in the VIP?

For a VIP service in one of the city’s topless bars, you are not expected to tip the host at all. However, if a dancer is asking you to tip the host and bouncer, then you can give her money. In fact, just give her, at least, $10AUD on your way out just to say you appreciate them.

Should bartenders be tipped too?

Of course, especially if they bring a dancer to you. Just a token of, at least, $1AUD every drink would be fine.

For the gentlemen clubs in Brisbane today, tipping is a way of saying that you are satisfied with their service. So, if you are planning to frequent a bar, make sure that you are willing to spend. In this way, you get to be recognised.