Buck’s Night with Fortitude Valley Strippers: What Every Partner Should Know

Your partner is spending his buck’s night with Fortitude Valley strippers and you’re stuck there worried of what might happen. Given the stigma that surrounds adult entertainment, feeling anxious about the upcoming party is totally valid.

The thought of girls dancing sensually with your partner while his friends watch is not easy to swallow. But it shouldn’t be something to frown upon.

It is a growing trend these days for men to spend their stag party in places with strippers. So we’ve come up with a list of things that you and your partner should know and discuss to remove any worries.

Expressing Your Thoughts to Them Will Help Ease the Feeling

Talk everything out with your fiance. Let them know how you truly feel about them being inside adult bars without you to keep an eye on them. They need to know if you are okay with the idea. Don’t think too far ahead and immediately assume that they want to cheat on you with one of the strippers.

Most stag parties are organised by their friends. Don’t put all the burden on your partner’s back and make them feel bad for stepping in a strip club. Remember that the more you bottle your feelings in, the more you will be by bothered by them.

Ground Rules are Okay and Should Be Set Beforehand

Contrary to what others think, setting ground rules with your partner is actually okay. This sets boundaries between you and your partner. Will you allow them to stay someplace else overnight? Will you allow private stripping shows? Your partner has to personally know the things you are uncomfortable with so they avoid doing things you dislike. These ground rules will also serve as a reminder to them to remain self-aware even when they are having fun.

There’s A Difference Between Strippers and Prostitutes

Most of all, you need to understand that Fortitude Valley strippers or any stripper for that matter are not prostitutes. There is a big difference between those girls. The strippers are only there in the club for the entertainment of the guests and not for sexual relations. They are paid to dance sensually in front of people while shedding off their clothes piece by piece. It is actually offensive to assume that strippers are prostitutes.

Keep the worries off your mind should your fiance spend their buck’s night on a strip club. Trust in them and have your own fun in your hen’s party as well. Remember the things above as your partner celebrate his stag do.