Sex Is Not on the Menu in a Strip Club Brisbane

Most women feel slighted or downright offended when their man visits a strip club Brisbane offers. Their reasons vary, from thinking the guys are cheating or that they’re not good enough because their men wouldn’t consider going in the first place if they were.

Sad. But true.

But if what you’re worried the most is that men have sex with strippers, you have nothing to worry about. Zero. Zilch. Nada. At least, that will never happen in a strip club.

But prostitution is legal in Australia!

Yes, it is. And, you can bet the Brisbane authorities do everything in their power to regulate sex workers and brothels.

But we’re not talking about strippers and dancers here.

Because the fact of the matter is…

Prostitution is legal through the whole state of Queensland, but sex venues and strip clubs follow a different set of rules.

Their licence specifies what actions and services are deemed acceptable in a strip club. Violation of any kind could mean a club is stripped of their licence to operate.

According to a review of the Live Adult Entertainment Industry in Queensland by the Crime and Misconduct Commission, regulated live adult entertainment is governed by the Liquor Act 1992 where acts of ‘an explicit sexual nature’ are defined by the Liquor Licensing Division as nude performances where an adult entertainer may or may not be touching a customer in a sexual way.

In other cases, how much nudity is put on display is also regulated based on the kind of business operated. For instance, dancers can go topless but not fully nude under certain circumstances. Strippers may strip down to a certain extent but not fully. Customers may be allowed to touch a dancer but only on certain body parts.

The rules definitely zap the fun out of strip clubs, but these should give women reason enough to loosen the leash.

So, how about you give your man a chance to visit a strip club Brisbane offers and not worry about them sleeping around? Strippers are not prostitutes, so sex is off the menu in a strip club.

What about outside of it?

Well, negotiations could happen between them, but most dancers won’t risk their job unless the sex pays them for life or even a month or their college loan.

Hey, your man might not even be thinking that! So, you’re practically worrying over nothing. Just make sure that he hits regulated strip clubs in Brisbane, for good measure.